CCS Ready to Conquer the Ammonia Industry

Ammonia is not typically discussed at the dinner tables around the world, but it should be: it’s a vital chemical for making fertilizer, enabling efficient food production for a growing world population. Ammonia’s importance is also linked to significant energy needs and large greenhouse gas emissions. In this article, we give a brief background on …

Aerial view of a cement plant

Carbon capture can cut emissions in the cement industry

The European cement industry has launched ambitious climate targets towards 2030 and 2050. This article from Endrava takes a closer look at the cement industry from an emissions perspective, highlighting the key importance of carbon capture and storage in required emission reductions. We then use our own tool called CaptureMap to get a better understanding …

The CCS potential for Waste-to-Energy plants

There is increasing interest in the potential for capturing CO2 from waste-to-energy (WtE) plants in Europe, and safely storing it. But how many of these plants are there in Europe, how much CO2 do they emit and how much could be captured?