Find large CO2 emitters in Europe and see how to cut their emissions with CCS

Find emission sites in Europe

Filter the most relevant ones

Estimate their emissions and how much could be captured


Power and heat

Waste to energy

More than just emission data

Our solution gives you additional data on the emissions sites:

  • See the sites from the sky
  • Access their EU-ETS allocation data
  • Find-out how far they are from a port
  • See the sailing distance to potential storage terminals

It includes data about 40+ clusters of emissions across Europe, with summary data and links to more information.

Our feature list is growing and you can already access:

  • data about 5 projects for storage terminals in Europe
  • data about coastal and inland ports, included previously undocumented industry ports

Interactive tool

CaptureMap main dashboard and facility details

Available through your browser and on mobile devices

What better way to store CO2 emission data than in the cloud?

We use the online PowerBI platform from Microsoft to make captureMap responsive, reliable and secure.

Get one-click access on most modern computer and mobile platforms, no installation required.


Number of sites in the database> 2000 sites across Europe
Sectors coveredIndustry, power and heat, waste to energy
Emission coverage> 70% from the sectors above
Threshold for coverage> 100 000 tonnes CO2/site/year
Time series2009 to 2017 (2018 data coming soon)
Data sourcesPublic data on emissions at European level, quality-checked and combined with other relevant public and private databases