Find the best decarbonisation opportunities

CaptureMap is the starting point for all decarbonisation projects. Our map-based platform shows large CO2 emitters and carbon capture projects at facility-level, on a global scale.

Product and service companies use CaptureMap to rapidly build their market understanding with data they can trust and then focus on the customers that matter.

The world’s most accurate database of large CO2 emitters and carbon capture projects

From global overview down to each specific asset

In the field of decarbonization, solution providers face a vast landscape of emitters in need of help.

Navigating this landscape is difficult given varied features of emitters and the lack of structured market data.

CaptureMap aims to simplify this process. Our map-based platform makes it easier to identify the best opportunities for decarbonisation.

“It took me 5 minutes to get up and running with the basics”

CO2 Infrastructure Developer

Now featuring a carbon capture projects tracker, driven by AI πŸ’«

For solution providers, timing is everything. Stay on top of the latest industry developments with CaptureMap’s capture project feature.

We use cutting edge AI technology to build the most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of carbon capture projects around the world.

Follow project updates, keep track of timelines and see which companies are involved.

“The capture project feature is simply the most robust we’ve ever seen”

Upstream Oil & Gas Major

How does CaptureMap add value?

CaptureMap is the preferred choice

CaptureMap can be used across several domains including carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), hydrogen, fuel switching, and energy efficiency. Our platform contains data for more than 22 500 emission sites in 178 countries, totaling more than 21 billion tons of annual CO2 emissions.

As a solution provider, you can’t possibly engage with all of these. CaptureMap therefore makes easy to screen, slice and sort the emitters by a range of parameters including region, segment, emission size and capture project stages. All to focus on the emitters that most likely need the solutions you offer.

Grow sales

Build, qualify and prioritize your sales funnel to grow your decarbonization project portfolio across current and new markets

Build partnerships

Identify local partnership opportunities where several sites give synergies of scale to tip investment decisions

Persuade visually

Persuade stakeholders of decarbonization market status and development using map-based, ground truth visuals

Drive strategy

Drive strategic development by using quantified market data to adapt your solutions to the greatest markets

CaptureMap is different from other business intelligence platforms. Our secret: we are uniquely focused on industrial decarbonization. Having developed CaptureMap along with leading decarbonization actors since 2018, we understand better than most which data matters, and how to display it in a way that informs business decisions. That understanding informs our entire process and visualization approach.

Our clients tell us that it’s the combination of high quality data, wrapped in an intuitive and transparent interface that fundamentally enhances value. In other words, CaptureMap is the preferred choice for those who prioritize excellence in their business intelligence. And as a result, CaptureMap is rapidly becoming the industry standard.

Trusted by leading decarbonisation actors

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