CaptureMap provides a comprehensive overview of large facilities within industry, power and heat and waste incineration in the world, with detailed information on their activities and emissions.


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Fossil🛢 and biogenic 🪵 CO2 emissions



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Our users

The Northern Lights project in Norway was our first user, and since then many other companies have been using CaptureMap to support their work with CO2 emissions reductions and carbon capture and storage.

Our customers include:

and many others

Use cases

  • Understand: Identify potential actors in a wholistic, top-down approach. Start with the bigger picture and zoom-in on the details.
  • Prepare: Use the tool to prepare for concrete dialogue with actors, show that you’ve done your homework and rapidly proceed to discussing concrete cases.
  • Persuade: Let the visualizations in CaptureMap speak for themselves in terms of potential for countries, industries and even on a site-by-site basis.

See the emissions in context

Our solution gives you additional data on each facility:

  • See the sites from the sky
  • Learn how much of their CO2 emissions are from biomass (“biogenic CO2”)
  • Access their ETS emission and quota allocation data
  • Find-out which sites are part of a potential cluster / hub


We adapt our pricing to your industry and type of access (per user, company-wide, API). Contact us to hear more.

See our Introductory Tutorial

CaptureMap Introductory Tutorial


Number of sites in the database> 10 200 sites across Europe and North America
Emissions covered> 4,4 Gt CO2 emissions, fossil and biogenic
Sectors coveredIndustry, power and heat, waste to energy
Threshold for coverageCountry specific, > 100 000 tonnes CO2/site/year for most countries
Biogenic emissionsSplit between biogenic CO2 and fossil emissions available for most of the sites
Time series2010 to 2021
Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) dataVerified emissions and free allowances from EU ETS, UK ETS and Swiss ETS
Data sourcesOfficial reporting data from national and/or regional authorities, cleaned and quality-checked, combined with other relevant public and private databases.

About us

CaptureMap is developed in Norway by Endrava: we are a team of engineers with a passion for climate and transparency. Our mission with CaptureMap is to provide the best overview over CO2 emissions from large stationary sources, globally.

Endrava helps others in their climate work by creating tools that quickly provide a basis for action. Read more about Endrava

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