Find the best decarbonisation opportunities

CaptureMap is the starting point for all decarbonisation projects. Our map-based platform shows large CO2 emitters at facility-level, on a global scale. Product and service companies use CaptureMap to rapidly build their sales funnel and then focus on the customers that matter.

60 % of the world’s CO2 emissions come from large, point-source emitters. Any pathway to reaching our net-zero targets must go through them.

CaptureMap is the combination of great CO2 data wrapped in a visual and intuitive interface. We pride ourselves on high data quality, comprehensive coverage and ease-of-use. This allows you to do what you do best: help to cut emissions.

How does CaptureMap add value?

Use Cases

CaptureMap contains data for more than 15 000 sites in 156 countries, totalling nearly 16 billion tons of annual CO2 emissions. Naturally, you can’t talk to all of these, so we make it easy to screen, slice and sort the data into those regions, segments and emission sizes where you have your business strengths. CCUS, hydrogen, fuel switching, energy efficiency – these sites need all the help they can get, and they’re looking for you.  

Each facility has their own overview page in CaptureMap. Here you find details on who they are, who they’re owned by, address and birds-eye view of facility, annual CO2 emissions over time, and more. A good proportion of our sites also has intel on fossil vs. biogenic shares, and emission trading scheme (ETS) allowances and free allocations.

Build, qualify and prioritize sales funnels to grow your decarbonisation project portfolio

Identify and create local partnership opportunities where synergies of scale can tip the investment decisions

Persuade management, investors, and policy makers of decarbonisation market potential

Drive strategic development by understanding how your offering can be adapted to new markets

Trusted by leading decarbonisation actors

CaptureMap is already put to good use. Below are just some of the organizations that trust us:

Is CaptureMap for you?

Easy to use

CaptureMap is available through Microsoft PowerBI, on the web. Trusted software. No installation. No training necessary to get started.

You can also export the data and integrate it with your favorite tools and platforms, for example CRM systems or GIS tools.

Highest quality data

We constantly scout for the latest and best data on CO2 emissions. We then use Endravas’ Emissions Engine to clean, streamline and harmonize the data.

We prioritize site-specific, reported, CO2 data when available, and provide estimates as a fallback.

Trusted by major companies and NGOs

Recognized industry leaders trust CaptureMap: energy companies, technology suppliers, research institutions, transport and storage developers, EPC companies, NGOs and others.