Find large CO2 emitters in Europe and see how to cut their emissions with CCS

Find emission sites in Europe

Filter the most relevant ones

Estimate their emissions and how much could be captured

CaptureMap is catching on in the industry! Major actors in the field of carbon capture and storage use our tool. Our user-base includes the following companies, among others:

Use case


Identify potential actors in a wholistic, top-down approach. Start with the bigger picture and zoom-in on the details.


Use the tool to prepare for concrete dialogue with actors, show that you’ve done your homework and rapidly proceed to discussing concrete cases.


Let the visualizations in CaptureMap speak for themselves in terms of potential for countries, industries and even on a plant-by-plant basis. 

More than just emission data

Our solution gives you additional data on the emissions sites:

  • See the sites from the sky
  • Learn how much of their CO2 emissions are from biomass
  • Access their ETS emission and quota allocation data
  • Find-out how far they are from a port
  • See the sailing distance to potential storage terminals

CaptureMap includes data about 40+ clusters of emissions across Europe, with summary data and links to more information.

Our feature list is growing and you can already access:

  • data about 9 projects for storage terminals in Europe
  • data about coastal and inland ports, included previously undocumented industry ports

Try the tool

CaptureMap is interactive and lets you adjust the views and filters to narrow your search to the facilities that are most relevant to you. Try a limited version below.

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CaptureMap tutorial with a walk-through the basic functionalities of the tool

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What better way to store CO2 emission data than in the cloud?

We use the online PowerBI platform from Microsoft to make CaptureMap responsive, reliable and secure.

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Oil & Gas

Normal price: 2250 euro/month*

3 user licences

All other actors

Half price: 1195 euro/month*

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Non-governmental organisations

Upon request

*all licenses are billed annually. Additional user licences available upon request.


Number of sites in the database> 2400 sites across Europe
Sectors coveredIndustry, power and heat, waste to energy
Emission coverage> 70% from the sectors above
Threshold for coverage> 100 000 tonnes CO2/site/year
Biogenic emissionsSplit between biogenic CO2 and fossil emissions available for 74% of the sites
Time seriesCO2 emissions from 2010 to 2020
EU ETS emissions from 2010 to 2020
Swiss ETS emissions from 2013 to 2020
Storage terminalsData on 9 projects for storage terminals in Europe, with realistic transport distance for each emission site to the storage terminals
ETSData about verified emissions and allowances in allocation for >10 800 sites across Europe (EU ETS and Swiss ETS)
Data sourcesPublic data on emissions at European level, quality-checked and combined with other relevant public and private databases